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Our Sangha

Our Sangha

“Sangha” is a Sanskrit word meaning “community” or “assembly” among other similar meanings.

It is one of Buddhism’s Three Jewels, along with the Buddha and the dharma (the Buddhist teachings).

The Buddha founded the first sangha when he began to teach a group of other monks who had marveled at this newfound insight.

Though originally only monks were considered to be part of a sangha, the term and practice has been handed down to us and expanded to include lay practitioners.

At the Golden Wind Zen Center, our sangha is a diverse group of laypeople who share a common commitment to Zen practice and exploration of Buddhist teachings.

We are multi-cultural and inter-generational. Our sangha is committed to the inclusion of all curious and sincere seekers.

We regret that our Center is unable to accommodate toddlers or young children during practice periods.

Visitors with mobility or disability challenges should contact us before visiting, so that we can better facilitate your participation in our activities.

We look forward to your visit!