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The Golden Wind Zen Center offers members and visitors a broad array of opportunities for Zen practice and Dharma study. Let your practice grow in a variety of ways as you discover how this simple, ancient practice can help you and those around you.


Check our schedule and Calendar to learn about group meditation days and times. If you can only attend a portion of a session, please feel free to do that.


The Golden Wind Zen Center offers one-day and three-day retreats throughout the year.

Retreats allow us to delve more deeply into the practice, without the distractions of routine daily life. A retreat day includes seated and walking meditation, chanting, Dharma talks and vegetarian meals.

Teachers offer kong-an interviews during the course of the day. Retreats are suitable for both beginning and experienced students. If your schedule does not permit full participation, you may join us for a portion of the retreat.

Please contact us for more information.


Interviews are private, face-to-face meetings with teachers that give students an opportunity to discuss Zen practice, Kong-Ans and related life issues.

Kong-Ans are more commonly known as "koans" from the Japanese word. In Chinese the word means “public case” or “public announcement”. They pose questions such as “What is the sound of one hand clapping”, or “Where were you before your mother was born?”. They are meant to confound the intellectual mind and open up areas of our thinking and behavior that are hidden from view, bringing us into a direct relationship with the vitality of Zen teaching.

Ji Bong DSSN (Great Zen Master) is recognized as an accomplished master of the kong-an. He offers this teaching to students on a regular basis.

Consulting interviews with Ann JDPSN (our Dharma master) focus on personal questions and concerns about Zen practice and related issues. Consulting interviews may be requested at any time.


Our sangha celebrates two traditional Buddhist ceremonies every year: Buddha’s Birthday, and Buddha’s Enlightenment Day. We follow each ceremony with a vegetarian potluck and a sangha meeting. Whether you are a Zen student, family member, friend, or practice in another tradition, you are cordially invited to attend these events.