Golden Wind Record

Archived Article

Changing, changing, changing.

Ann Pepper JDPSN

Originally Posted on 8-29-2020

One of Zen Master Seung Sahn's most famous sayings.

When our grand teacher, Zen Master Seung Sahn, first arrived here from
Korea that was one of the first words he learned in English.
It came in handy as he began to teach us. He wanted to make it clear that
everything – including ourselves – is in a constant state of change, flux and
flow. It’s bedrock Zen teaching.
Thus, inevitable change knocked at the door of Golden Wind Zen Center
this summer. Our teacher, Great Zen Master Ji Bong, decided we must
give up our wonderful practice space on Lime Avenue.
It will be many months before we can hold in-person practice again –
probably not until a coronavirus vaccine is delivered. So, our Zen Master
decided it is pointless and wasteful for us to maintain a space we cannot
use – no matter how fond we are of it.
We are the Golden Wind School of Zen, not our building.
This decision carries some advantages.
First, there might be some ground floor spaces available when we are
ready to re-open. That will be a boon for anyone who cannot make it up the
stairs on Lime.
Also, because of the pandemic and its terrible consequences for many
businesses, there could be more opportunities for us to find a suitable new
place – maybe one with a kitchen.
For now, we’ll be putting all our dharma room and other equipment into
storage. Thanks to Kam and Rod for their hard work to make this happen
In the meantime, we continue to meet online, which is turning out not only
to be workable, but a good experience. We practice meditation together
from 7 to 8 a.m. on M, W, Th and F and we offer a more complete practice
experience – including dharma talks by Zen Master Ji Bong – at 8:30 a.m.
on Sundays.

Private consulting and kong-an interviews are also available. As is an
Introduction to Zen class.
For more information, please call Golden Wind Zen Center at (562) 277-
1831. We hope to see you in person at our new dharma room one day
soon. Best and bows, Ann (dharma master.)